Who Said Party?, Cof Cof

Unsigned, Spain ***1/2
Rating: 78

By Carlos Reyes

I love the pop, especially with quirky female vocals, having Cansei De Ser Sexy, Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser, Hello Seahorse!, Naty Botero and Quiero Club pop up in my MP3 player are not enough, I need more sparkles into my sometimes stressful college life. This week was particularly uplifting with my encounter with Cof Cof; they brought to my weekdays the sufficient dose of girly audio pleasure with their debut EP Who Said Party? It is surely as exuberant and effervescent as The Ting Tings' We Started Nothing. I rarely care about accents, but I must say vocalist Ana Analogica has such a sexy one on top of flowing light lyrics. We’re not in front of a provocative pop album, but an album with enough transitions and character motif to be celebrated. Cof Cof is a sibling to Quiero Club’s music (who by the way are releasing their new album this week); let me tell you that there is plenty of space for both bands and a couple more. There are some tropical in here, but mostly an inquisition of synth-dance that is never pretentious and always digestible. If the world was fair and fancy their song “Caribbean Boy” would have been the summer hits of the year, there’s just something so cute about it, “I thought I was in paradise… I want him to be mine”, sum that to the great engineering of a non-conformist heated pop song, great job by Alex Cuadrado. In a moment where all pop bands aspire to visualize the bright colors, Cof Cof are naturals, complementary when they need to be and fluorescent when the opportunity is given. There are some clear flaws of course, but are overlooked once the enchantment of Ana and Alex has won you, one of the most promising acts out there. Did I mention their album is downloadable for free? Me estan malacostumbrando!

♫♫♫ “Caribbean Boy”
♫♫♫ “Forbidden Cocktail”
♫♫♫ “Dirty Tricks” (Culture Prophet Remix) [Via Sheena Beaston]
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