Hello Seahorse! Latest Critics' Darling: Pitchfork & Stereo Gum

All of last week the most popular posts at Club Fonograma (according to feedjit) were my review of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ La Luz del Ritmo, which was expected. The runner up was very close in hits although it was posted back in August; I’m talking about my review of Hoy a las Ocho by Hello Seahorse! I was afraid the album would go unnoticed since it had very little attention even in Mexico, it was a hard album to find as it was never edited in Mexico and it was purely showcased online, only those lucky people attending their concerts could get a password to download their album for free. Luckily, now the album has built the interest of international media as it is being released in the U.S. not tomorrow but on Wednesday. They are teaming up with Magic Markers to take care of one of the best pop albums of the year, which will include unreleased tracks and extended artwork. What’s really exciting is that Hoy a las Ocho is getting vibrant comments from Pitchfork and Stereogum, the two most important and trusted trades for indie music. Stereo Gum calls them “… a scaled down Los Campesinos! (note shared exclamation point), an even more scaled down I'm From Barcelona, or, maybe, a Sarah Records band singing in Spanish.” Los Campesinos! sure come to mind, but I’m still thinking they could be musical siblings of The New Pornographers. It seems that their upcoming brand new album will have to relax for sometime, they released their new single “Bestia” (part of our Rocola #6) a couple of weeks ago, they were definitely not expecting much awareness.


  1. carlinhos! por aqui andando! oye son dos grupos estos chavos o son uno solo ? Pitchfork and Stereogum? son dos verdad? quienes son los del video?

  2. Jajaj, ok aclaro

    Este es un grupo mexicano llamado HELLO SEAHORSE!

    Y tuvieron buena recepcion de Pitchfork y StereoGum, estos dos ultimos no son grupos, son las paginas de internet sobre musica indie mas importantes.

    Besos! que buena onda que andes por aca.


  3. ja!! no manches carlinhos ¬¬ si bien mi ingles anda un poco oxidado nunca preste atencion a las palabras "hello seahorse" y si deves en cuando visito el blog, a ver si ya con las vacaciones te das una vuelta por cineazteca , no? saludos!