The Next Time Around, Little Joy

I had been anticipating this new band ever since they announced it, my expectations were surpassed. Club Fonograma gives light to the music of Iberoamerica, and although Little Joy doesn’t quite fit our demographics, one of the three band members is no other than Rodrigo Amarante from the Brazilian band Los Hermanos. Rolling Stone raved the band a few years ago and their hit “O Vento” became the soundtrack of my 2006. He now joins Fabrizio Moretti from The Strokes (another favorite) and Binkini Shapiro in a cleverly sweet self-titled LP debut. The album was produced by the Venezuelan rooted Devendra Banhart who is deeply discovering his roots in his last productions. A couple of days ago I had mentioned how disappointed I had been with the releases of some of my favorite Brazilian acts, I received lots of emails and friend requests at our MySpace with new bands that have convinced me I was wrong. Expect some posts about a very cool band from Brazil called Binario and especially the enormously enjoyable self-project from Marcelo Camelo, also a former member from Los Hermanos. I’m including Little Joy’s “The next time around” which has some Portuguese on it.

♫♫♫ “The next time around” (Via Obscure Sound)