WE ARE STANDARD: "The Last Time" : "On the Floor"

by Jean-Stephane Beriot

Sometimes I just love jumping from a girl’s MySpace to another one; it’s like traveling to so many places, to so many little worlds of social networks. But I find it painful to do so with music profiles, you know, the disappointment of clicking on a badass album cover and find that the music is horrible, but a couple of days ago I was happy to find We Are Standard, a five-piece act from Spain. They are deservedly signed on Minty Fresh, so I got their record and it’s quite awesome, and quite different to most of the material the label has released for sometime. We Are Standard released their self-titled product this year, it’s rock, it’s pop, it’s electro. Although their first hit “On the Floor” got all the attention, they opted for their best song as a next song for release: “The Last Time”, I’m embedding the track’s video, which I guess is explicit, I can’t tell.

♫♫♫ "The Last Time" (Arthur Baker Remix) [Via Some Velvet Blog]
♫♫♫ "On the Floor" [Via Minty Fresh]
♫♫♫ "On the Floor" (Mimoloco & Dr. J Remix) [Via Spin]