Artist of the Week: Cålo Mesa

Artist: Cålo Mesa
Genre: Pop Rock, Big Band, Theater
Country: Colombia

Cålo Mesa is a brand new Colombian artist that brings an interesting proposal marked by the influence of the british rock and the big band jazz. If in addition we consider his training in Musical Theater in New York, his journey through different choirs, and a fondness for the musical theater ever since he was a young teenager, we can to understand that his sophisticated style is not a coincidence or a deliberate decision of any producer or Record Label, it is rather the honest reflection of his musical tastes and his experiences. His debut album, entitled Rubicon, as the small historic Italian river, was co-produced independently by Cålo Mesa along with Pablo Uribe. The album´s 13 songs are a delightful journey of elegant and energetic melodies, intimate and effective lyrics, and very well made musical arrangements, which help enhance the good vocal performances. Also notable is Cålo´s image, mysterious and classic, very consistent with his music. 4 songs from Rubicon can be found in his myspace, including a track in English. Rock a la Broadway, in Spanish

Cålo Mesa presenting himself on a video