Artist of the Week: Margarita

Artist: Margarita
Country: Spain
Genre: Noise, Punk, Alternative

The biggest cliché among international journalists talking about the music from Latin America is that Brazil produces the cream of the crop when it comes to quality, in reality, aside from Donkey by Cansei De Ser Sexy and Pra Marte by Mauricio Pereira, this year has been pathetically dreadful for their music, even the new albums by Sergio Mendes (Encanto) and Skank (Estandarte) were disappointing. Where am I trying to get? It is time for us to give more light to the astonishing musical revolution going on in Spain, even if it feels uncomfortable to call it Latin music, they are breaking and restoring the best music in Iberoamerica. They might be at a larger distance, but are giving us true wonders such as our artist of the week: Margarita. Their debut album Parque Magico is only three months old and already a big recurring essential in my hard-drive and mp3 player (my iPod died last weekL). This is great pop adorned with noisy punk, eleven tracks of vibrating sparkles across one of the year’s most promising bands. And yet another addition to the edgier rock we like so much (Descartes A Kant, Joe Volume and the Vincent Black Shadows, Triangulo de Amor Bizarro & Hong Kong Blood Opera). Their song “Shrimpy Comes. Paul Laughs” is included in our Rocola #6.