ACLM ii : Winners!

Teachers love to give out tests during Valentines to make the season less pleasurable, and because of the upcoming three-day weekend. That’s my excuse for the lack of content this week, oh, and there’s the other project I was working on alongside Aldo Alvarez, the winning round for the ACLM, which I’m self-promoting of course, because I can. We announced the winners yesterday, congrats to Ernesto Contreras and the entire Parpados Azules (Blue Eyelids) crew for their award for Best Mexican Film, and Cristian Mungui’s 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days for Best International Feature. Acclaimed director Fernando Eimbcke was also recognized as Best Director (Lake Tahoe), we all remember him as the once incredibly creative guy behind the best videos on MTV LA.  

Musical Categories.

Austin TV’s amazing musical theme for Mas que a nada en el mundo wasn’t embraced enough as the winning score by Luis Manuel Lopez for Cumbia Callera. The big winner for Original Song was deservedly Devendra Banhart for his original song “Cristobal”, inspired by the first feature by one of his best buddies Gael Garcia Bernal. His competition was nothing less amazing with great songs by Juana Molina (“Rudo y Cursi”),  Joselo Rangel (“Mi Principio”) and Ely Guerra (“El Viaje de Teo”).

Check out the winners! : Main Categories / Tech Categories

♫♫♫ Cristobal”