Ai Con Permisito, Menuda Coincidencia

Delhotel Records, México ***1/2
Rating: 78
By Carlos Reyes

Monterrey’s current new wave is of true excitement, and it’s starting to get better as a horizon of eclecticism emerges. Among the indie rockers and edgy pop, a breakthrough rap act pops up, Menuda Coincidencia constructs an album of high intensities. Jose Miguel Soto and Guillermo Soto’s voices don’t demand attention; they’re naturally full of potency, just like the unattached flow of their rhymes. The venture adds vibes of nu-jazz, and before you know it, the enchantment settles down to recognize one of the factual premise acts not only of urban music, but alternative fields as well. Sounds a bit like the Mexican Institute of Sound but turning its vocalization as the primary instrument. “Si Hay” introduces the ever-changing essence of underground music. And that’s the main direction the album takes, it’s less of a politically-oriented take (Calle 13) and less socially-protestant (Control Machete), this one does shackles on idealism but ambitions to glance at daily fun stories about identity and such. “Perspectivas” boasts the best of Menuda Coincidencia and its flaws, it’s playful and mechanical, and it also distracts itself a bit too much from its processed themes. It works best in tracks like “Verso Sin Esfuerzo?” and “Corre”, where the lyrics don’t feel like essays but well-organized paragraphs. Unexpected samplings blend in magically, the sort of asserted artist that one would expect great remixes from. “Sin Enganche” will transcend well and for long, its attitude on redemption will be receptive by almost anyone with a sense of the music as a cultural exchange. Ai Con Permisito has a peculiar attitude, its greatest virtue, and the album’s title couldn’t be more appropriate, because the music doesn’t ask for permission, it’s a well mannered advice that will go through with much confidence, and leave some funky beats behind for one’s pleasure. 

♫♫♫ "Sin Enganche"
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