Rompevientos EP, Nos Llamamos

Intolerancia, México ***1/2
Rating: 78
By Carlos Reyes

Nos Llamamos is bringing some of the best rock songs originating from Mexico City, along with Jessy Bulbo, Joe Volume y Los Vincent Black Shadows and Los Fancy Free are imposing their edgy incarnation of vintage rock & roll contrasting the nu-wave invasion. The band captures that suburb desolation and warmth of Mexico’s capital with such defining force it’s hard to believe they’re newcomers. Their self-titled debut LP (produced partly by Los Fancy Free’s frontman Martin Thulin) was released last year with minimal attention, until their name started to pop up among blogger’s year-end lists and especially after reaching the 14th spot in Reactor’s 105.7 songs of 2008 with their single “Monstrua”, also included in Rompevientos, their new and first EP. Although not as impressive as a whole, this short take will probably support them more than their LP. Their hit carries a progressive phasing, “Monstrua” it’s blessed with subtle genuine composition that makes everything flow at its own timing, also allowing musical restrain to contribute to the process. There’s the socio-psychotic “Malnecidos”, which forms the urban tale of those rejected by society, approaches its cause with a rebellious theme and destroys its niche in a chaotic clash picked up by the next track. “Rupestre” was supposed to serve as a nostalgic transition but it’s overly obscure and plain to be memorable. But it’s the opener “Rompevientos” that profiles to become a second hit, it certainly is the best track here and their best recording yet. Rompevientos EP is currently available entirely for free at Reactor’s Zona de Descargas section.

♫♫♫ "Rompevientos"
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