Midnight Insomnia: Mermaid Sashimi, Juan Son

It’s 1:24 AM and I can’t to go to sleep, now who is responsible for that? Juan Son! It’s been a few hours since Mermaid Sashimi inhabited my iPod Touch and like a very scary ghost I can’t stop playing it. I cannot wait to review it, all I have to say is that now that he has gone solo there is nothing holding him back from his all-cosmos vision, for the good or the bad, expect a continuation of his glorifying vocals and a portion of his fans running away from this contemplation album a la Juana Molina or Animal Collective, expect a less steady formation and forget about Porter for a second, a macabre scientist is in full control of this boat. Mermaid Sashimi debuts today in Mexico’s stores, it hopefully won’t take too long for U.S. distribution.