Club Fonograma Features Sr. Amable

There are very few individuals I can fully trust when it comes to music, there’s Tim Finney (Pitchfork Media), Chris Cantalini (Gorilla vs Bear), Jean-Stephane Beriot, Andrew Casillas, Julieta Venegas and lately Sr. Amable, whose music blog Noche Pasta is simply terrific. Turns out he’s got a music project of his own, Señor Amable Was Here is an enjoyable listen from a guy with a wide musical horizon, some of us write about music to become better consumers, others build up striking promising projects. I had a difficult time trying to decide a track to feature. The soft “Ya me voy” and “Gary (ewewew)” were highly considered, but at the last moment it was the addictive “Down Mexico” that won me over, always looking to the south to discover sweet tunes. 

Club Fonograma Features: 
Track: "Down Mexico"
Album: Señor Amable Was Here
Label: Delhotel
Country: Mexico


  1. :O gracias!

    en down mexico aparecen unas vocecitas donadas por -album- "dum dum dum dum dumdum dum".

    y el label no es delhotel realmente solo lo colgamos ahi, se comenta que el label será poni republic, pero quien sabe igual y son puros chismes ;)

    saludos !

  2. Si, de eso me he dado cuenta, le sigo poniendo Delhotel para identificarlos un poco.

    Es que en realidad son pocos los que consiguen label no? Se que Nene Records y The Poni Republic han adquirido algunos, pero los demas? Pues creo que deberian atenderse como material de Delhotel, es su casa.

  3. mi hotel, es su hotel... asi como mis vocecitas son sus vocecitas...