Club Fonograma Features: Electrica Miami

If you got a MySpace, or have visited a Mexican artist’s MySpace it’s highly likely you’ve jumped into the colorful flashing gif of Electrica Miami. They love to pop and party a la Mexicana, their music is youthful and generational, and I must be going nuts but their music reminds me of traditional Grupero (before it got submerged by the accordion), when it used to sound blissful and was highly influenced by pop and electronic. Music for the dancehalls and communal events, it joins the likes of Silverio, Crystal Castles and Maria Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser just to name a few. We’re adding their track “Gata” to our features catalog; we love the energy of it, the post-reggaeton calling and especially the little cute love story behind it.

Club Fonograma Features:
Country: Mexico
Label: Superdiscos Chinos
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