Pibe Cosmo, El Remolon

ZZK Records, Argentina ****
Rating: 80
by Carlos Reyes

This might just be reconciliation between the initial waves of digital cumbia and reggaeton; all those hardcore haters of reggaet├│n will probably neglect or deny a motherhood link between the genres, but El Remolon’s vision shares as much vision with the Zizek collective as it shares genes with Tego Calderon. Andres Schteingart is aware of such bonding and drops what’s arguably, the best production from ZZK Records’ short but imposing catalog. Pibe Cosmo is bit more experimental than I expected, and a lot more textured than his appearances on the celebrated ZZK mixtapes, which translates as a musical elevation in most cases. What’s truly special about this that it succeeds every remark it ambitions, resulting in a series of unbroken energy. El Remolon feels as Caribbean as the music of El Guincho and Senor Coconot, music that frees itself from having to introduce or adapt its listener because culture itself has taken the necessary steps to present itself to the world. Cumbia is the most popular (but not the best-selling) sound at least with Hispanics in the states, I’m afraid some of them will feel alienated by the futuristic direction the genre is taking. I suspect the mainstream audience will endure the stuff coming out of Bersa Discos a lot more. “Cumbia Bichera” reminds me of several tracks by Kevin Johansen; it might be because of geographic influences, but it’s a great partner for “Cumbiera Intelectual.” The album itself is designed as a bird’s journey throughout the American continent; a chromatic experience is built as one discovers the consequences of such trip. The creature brings a handful of beautiful memories, from the heavily textured “Se fue a la villa” to the soft electronic bursts of “Zapatillas Galacticas.” It’s finest moment it’s its glorious entrance, “La Bonita” is a beautiful purifying canto that eventually turns as sublime and charmingly addictive as Air France’s “Collapsing at your doorstep.” El Remolon has the attention of many publications as its author is a talented guy that takes exotic risks, expect a warm critical reception if an American label acquires the album, Pibe Cosmo it’s round and bold and ready to shine.   

♫♫♫ "La Bonita"
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