"Mis amigos y yo te amamos" - Alexico

This is probably an excuse to present a brilliant second video from Dios es lo Maximo. As an equally devotee of music and cinema, it will always be fascinating to find someone with his rare vision, when I heard “Mis amigos y yo te amamos” I pictured an old, scary and cold house located at a distant village from the city, I left my visualization behind as I’m never fulfilled with music videos, in fact I tried to put up a Top 10 videos list for 2008 and fell short, but Alexico surprises again. The track and its illustration are cerebral, immediate, and extremely visceral. The dark opening shot, with the open door with red all over it, a roof that seems to be leaking blood, a floor not only covered in blood but asking for some more, Alexico’s reaction is to celebrate such circumstance, with boots and a sombrero!. Shot in hand-camera, the cinematographer perceives the same feelings, but through severe claustrophobia, winking to the outside to catch some girl dancing happily outside. The dance starts at the most appropriate moment, disclosing a triumphant visual interpretation of a bizarrely cute song. Talking about gore, a genre I deeply respect and admire, it’s never a bad idea to visit my friend Aaron Soto @ Cinemainc, unless you’re easily disturbed? 

"Mis amigos y yo te amamos"