Dry Martini S.A. Nacho Vegas

I think I’ve said it a few times already, but it’s frustrating to realize not too many people in this continent know who Nacho Vegas is. He will be part of this year’s SXSW and to me, is one of the most exciting appearances to look for, but we’ll have more news about South by Southwest coming soon. Nacho Vegas is highly celebrated in Spain, but has not made a huge impact in Latin America, unlike his dear friend Enrique Bunbury, who I find extremely overrated. It’s very much like the Charly Garcia vs. Luis Alberto Spinetta discussions, the former is already a legend while the latter although much more talented, is an auteur people will learn to appreciate in future generations. “Dry Martini SA” is one of the most jaw-dropping songs of 2008, and my biggest negligence in the Best Singles of 2008 list.