Club Fonograma Features: Babaluca

Babaluca is my favorite local band, and judging from the amount of plays their track “Que Bonito” received on our Rocola #6 they have the charm to shine in unexpected proportions. To our surprise, the song’s thousands of hits placed it on our Yearbook: Most Popular post as one of the top 10 most played pieces from more than 200 selections that were part of our jukebox throughout 2008. Babaluca discharges a handful of smiles and still holds its position as a tour de force unveiling itself throughout the small concert venues of Phoenix, Arizona. Their musical approach is precise, a multi dimensional gathering that is also transcending extremely well in their demo recordings. The trio consisting of Carla Morrison, Nicolas Kizer and Niki Petta is one of the most exciting projects we’ve featured so far, and we’re keeping a close eye for what’s to come, hopefully a first LP to continue to master their craft. Once again, it was a challenge to pick a song to share, their cover for Manu Chao’s “La Despedida” is as sublime as it can get.

Club Fonograma Features:
Track: "La Despedida" (Manu Chao Cover)
Album: None
Label: Unsigned
Country: USA/Mexico
>>> MP3


  1. Cool, I remember seeing a video here of this song, it's great. What I like about them is that they are very loose, they don't force it like most soft-pop bands. "Que Bonito" reminds me a lot of Natalia Lafourcade.

  2. Babaluca Rocks!!

  3. buena rola, me gustaba Manu Chao antes mejor, sera que desde que descubri a Kevin Johansen me enamore de el

  4. deberías de compartir mas música de esta banda! me llamó la atención! que hicieran un cover de una de las canciones MENOS comerciales de Manu!

    suenan Bien los muchachos!

  5. One of the best bands in the current phx scene (and ive seen sooo many ) Great trio, very organized, theres this flow of sound around the band that its fully synchronized. Chao's cover needed to be recorded :)

  6. I've seen many too, Underwater Getdown is probably my second favorite. By the way, this was a very quick recording according to them, we were supposed to feature "Que Bonito" but felt in love with "La Despedida", gotta see them perform it live, they wow too many people.

  7. And what happened to your show? (Rockeros VIP) Can we still hear it on the internet? Last time I couldn't ... :(

  8. Long story short, they bought the station (its a christian station now :X ) so we are in the process of changing stations at the moment..which will resume soon


    im taking "año sabatico " for now... got tired a bit..i did it for 4 years in a row and as soon i had the chance to escape it, i didnt hesitate puse fecha cuando y como regresar, si es que se da.. ;)

    i feel great doing nothing sundays..i needed it..for now im thinking on doing other proyects as soon as i feel like it hahaha..and feeding myself with ideas and great comeback will be great..ill keep u posted on it..

    props to the blog man! keep the tunes rolling pilgrim!
    you know where to find me for whatever :)

  9. que vivan los sabaticos!

    yo no aguanto, he tratado de tomarlos, pero soy bien gallina