Carlos Pesina (Pepepe, Los Amparito, Pesina Siller) sent us an album by Cyane, a girl from Guadalajara with a beautiful voice and who collaborates with Pepepe in Roba Orgon de Plantas y Animales. Not too long ago I had given up with ‘good vocals’ but with emerging artists like La Bien Querida, Carla Morrison and now Cyane, I must say I missed the great taste of engaging vocals surrounded by equally engaging musical accompaniment. He posted the song “Burbuja” over at I See Noises (the reincarnation of Turn That Shit Off, but not really?) and calls it his favorite song, we agree! Reminds us of Maria Rita, she's a fonograma favorite, don't miss out.

♫♫♫ "Burbuja"