Reggaeton song of the year?

Reggaeton is in serious crisis, we’ve said we really like the genre itself but this year has been so pathetic I’m starting to distance myself from it with bittersweet redemption. I’ve heard about 40 reggaeton albums this year with the best intentions; so far only one of them carries itself with standout lyrics, skill and works the genre’s clichés for its advantage. This album belongs to Arcangel of course, who as we’ve been predicting for a while is bound to be reggaeton’s coolest dude. Thing is, El Fenomeno has not sold big amounts of copies like we thought it would, and it is his most accessible moment yet, perhaps this is a good sign so he can get back to what he was doing with his mixtapes and that masterful La Maravilla best-of-the-year album. If I remember correctly, he mentioned he didn’t like media to refer to him as a reggaeton artist, but besides the good use of funk and electro in his songs, he is/was reggaeton at its best.

This post comes after a long chat between Jean-Stephane and I, we almost agreed on reviewing Down to Earth by Alexis & Fido, there are definitely ideas in it but not enough goodies to recommend it. We did agree on something, the leading track “Muevelo” is kind of mind-blowing and the best reggaeton song of the year so far. The song is like an artist’s last attempt to conquer love, it’s desperate and willing to self-destruct its own peace to get the chance to be with the ‘unsatisfied and unpredictable diva.’ It’s eccentric and the bold glorified beats really make us believe like they have been up on space and in need to get down to earth. Perhaps Alexis & Fido’s best song yet? Tempting, but no, that honor stays with the amazingly catchy and cynically beautiful “5 Letras."