Vive Latino: Sabado II

Despite not having Telehit on my TV the guys from Union Rock (whoever they are, thanks), had a live feed broadcast of the channel, so I got to see many of the performances and went back & forth from Telehit to Reactor, they both focused on the main stage (Escenario Verde) but had recordings from the highlights of the other stages. As far as I know Telehit didn't show Hello Seahorse! at all, I was really hoping they would just to see the people singing "Bestia", but if they want ratings Zoe will give it to them, so that's understandable.

I wasn't planing to say this, but Jaguares was pretty good, mostly because their set included way more of Caifanes (who I loved) and few Jaguares (which I respect but don't excite me much). Juan Manuel Torreblanca's coverage is coming in a few minutes, but here is one of my favorite performances I was able to catch, Los Bunkers are a Mexican favorite by now, so much that they could headline the festival in a few years without a problem. Also check out this performance of "Matenme Porque Me Muero" by Jaguares and Zoe's Leon Laguerri. And to end this post, a request for all those YouTube users uploading the fest into the web, Telehit supposedly showed a piece from GEPE! we all want to see it!