Fantastico Top 5, Enero-Mayo

Why do most people with good ears have bad taste in movies? Anyway... From time to time I post something regarding movies, I try to watch as many as I can, but I’m afraid I will never go back into watching as many films as I used to when I had my movie blog. Fantastico Top 5 is our very selective and exclusive Tobi cinephile group, every year we put on an extensive dossier with our favorite movies of the year, this is the first update of 2009 covering the first five months of the year. My five picks are a bit hard to find except for the exceptional Drag me to Hell, which is now in theaters, but you’ll have to really work your way on finding the other films. You'll see a lot of stuff from 2008 among the other participants, but it's because they're all from Mexico and we go by release dates.