Six bands, one open slot @ Vive Latino

I wasn’t going to post about this since I’m not going to this year’s Vive Latino, but now I feel obligated to do so. Why? There is an open slot for a band to perform and they’re having a contest to determine who is taking it, there are six bands up for it. In first place so far is Los Caligaris, I can’t believe this guys are even considered, they’re actually like a big turnoff and simply a mistake. In second place is Jumbo, who as I’ve stated before, I don’t really dig their music as everyone does. Los Amigos Invisibles would be a great act, they’re up to massive stadiums and considering how great their new album is, their presence should be appropriate (plus there’s already enough Mexican bands performing). Fourth place for Victimas del Doctor Cerebro, every time I hear them I do feel like a victim of bad taste, but I guess they’ve always been a hate it or love it band.

The last two bands just prove how much rigid el Vive’s audience still is towards POP. Juan Son would probably have made the original cartel if it wasn’t for his planned appearance at AllTomorrowParties (England), but he had to cancel and so he is now ready to face the mixed audience he’s holding on after Porter’s departure. Quiero Club are just too fan to pass out, this festival needs more pop, urban, cumbia and more if it really wants to be called Latinoamerica’s Coachella. If I had the power, I would at least take out the mediocre Satin Dolls, Finde and Volovan out once for all, perhaps make space for Bam Bam once they’re at it. Go to Vive Latino, register and vote smart!