Video: "Quiero Ver", Cafe Tacvba

Anything related to Cafe Tacvba gets us very excited, their 20:20 Tour took off in La Paz, Bolivia early this month and today is the first date home as they take Foro Sol by storm. My friends and I are thinking of driving to either Tijuana (June 21st) or Los Angeles (June 24th) to catch one of their shows, this is too good to miss. I did a YouTube search looking for info regarding the documentary that was made in Japan by visionary director Ernesto Contreras (Parpados Azules) only to find a brand new video for "Quiero Ver", one of my favorite songs from Sino. The video is very uplifting, lacks a bit of energy at the beginning but gets magical towards the end (a la Hayao Miyazaki but in live fiction), the image quality and sound are VERY sloppy but I promise to embed a good quality rip as soon it is available.