Hoping for more En Ventura

Today I was deeply surprised to find out that the album I’ve heard the most this year isn’t Mermaid Sashimi, Jewellery, Bailar y Llorar or Merriweather Post Pavillion as I predicted. This title belongs to En Ventura’s Los Gandharvas which I never got a chance to review last year because I didn’t know of its existence. Although the band has never actually dissolved in its entirely, En Ventura had lost two of its members who instead devoted their time to other projects such as 60 Tigres and Mr. Racoon. We know learn that there are serious thoughts to get back together to record a second album. As long as they’re able to craft a couple more jewels like “Bienaventura”, “Los Granjeros del Amor”, “Chantilly” and “Hoy La” they’ll keep us happy. Judging from the responses gathered during our Call for Writers people are still not that well informed about netlabels. Los Gandharvas is a great chance to get to know just how splendid a netlabel release can get, ‘casi pop’ at its finest.


  1. de hecho...

    hay una nueva rola de en ventura, bueno es de pipe ft en ventura. buena para iniciar una sección de reviews de canciones no creen?



  2. you should open a last fm account. will be good to see what your listening all the time.

    aquí vengo a practicar mi ingles :)

  3. I thought a reunion to be far fetched as the band separating did not end in good terms...

    Although founders Elias and Martin never gave up on the idea of the band, in fact, they were at some point, looking for new drummers. Giving up shortly thereafter.

    Though Elias will be releasing mighty soon his debut Solo Ep under the monicker Alabio Alabao. It'll probably get released through Delhotel, and i will be helping him with mixing and some minor production details.

    Still, we all hope En Ventura is not finished yet.

    Some insider notes: En Ventura almost finished a second LP before separating, and did record a bunch of live sessions for a DVD that didnt get made... and expect an Album / En Ventura split EP, this year... with a little luck, it might just be my 7th.

  4. Y como Olvidar La energetica Avant, una de mis canciones favoritas del año pasado ;)

  5. Si Last.fm!!! Last.fm!!! right now!! jajaja

  6. la banda se deberia llamar chantilly, ya de ahi no hay mas que expresar.

  7. Pues parece que tu sueño se te va a hacer realidad, algo de trabajo hay respecto continuar En Ventura en donde se quedó hace casi un año. Que chilo.

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