Valentina Fel

Valentina Fel is Chile’s Music Alliance Pact representative this month, with no doubt it’s my favorite discovery as I went through the 24 songs that compile June’s MAP-SpinEarth compilation (download it here). Super45 almost always gets it right with their choices, but this time their choice is not only great, they dropped a bomb on us. She was actually a winner of their awesome Nuevos Talentos contest, which they do yearly and always introduces fresh faces into the scene (last year we loved Vapourboat). After a Google search, it turns out everything is ready for her debut album under the New York’s Lizard King Media, whose only other artists are The Pierces, Greater Good and Santigold, this means they’ll probably take good care of her. The video “Sin Control Mi Diversion” has been around for months but it’s finally getting a push as a first single.

Here is what Super45 had to say about her:

"Full of aggressive beats, explosive sampling and social protest lyrics, Valentina Fel is the most logical evolution of a riot girl - punk almost in the realm of grime, do-it-yourself attitude with dancehall as a commodity and flamenco-injected defiance. Her long-awaited upcoming debut -to be release in the next few months - promises to be a massive earthquake in the dance floor that nobody could anticipate."