Delhotel Records: Essentials

It's been a while since we had the idea of compiling a list of our favorite netlabel releases, these albums make up a big chunk of the music we review so we’ve decided to let the list aside in order to keep the -Best Albums of the Decade- upcoming especial more unexpected. But because we’re serious followers of Delhotel Records, the half label half free music storage site, and to applaud their efforts in its first anniversary we decided to go through their catalog to dig deep for what we belief is the cream of the crop, the essential albums everyone should have on their hard drives. Album is the heart of the entire project and we also give a shout out to We Shall Be Free, Noche Pasta, BeamTV, Decireves and Reactor for letting the world know about their movement. There’s a highly detailed post about the first year of Delhotel over at Reactor’s Huixal, with statistics and everything… But let’s start our list, honorable mentions: Zozaya’s The Re Album, The Mocks M is Correct, Album’s Microbricolages and Pipe Llorens’s Como Sea, No Te Creas. (We left out the albums from Nene Records by the way, they’re well sustained ).

Because it really was the best Mexican rock album released last year, the band may be apart and it’s difficult for many of us to deal with it. But hey, they left a masterwork behind that will be rediscovered in years to come. Get yourself some modern anthems, maybe the pessimistic “Bienaventura”, the sneaky “Ingenuo” or the rural vs urban collision in “Los Granjeros del Amor.” – Jean-Stephane Beriot
MP3: “Ingenuo”
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Our fellow bloggers couldn’t control themselves praising this band, and the fuss is worth it. Album is either too eclectic or too hyper to hold on to a genre, they have too many albums as well, but Cancer Baby gets everything right, it is able to embrace its international aim and its fascinating generational themes. “Teatro Griego” and “amaramA” burst in tenderness while “Stab You” and “Some People Get Rich” reach breaking points. – Carlos Reyes
MP3: “Stab You”
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Our MAP selection on May got a big exposure throughout international audiences, we’ll never know if he summed any new fans or if the ‘outsiders’ understood his mastery with both lyrics and instruments, but Katy is a great opportunity to meet some of the sweetest vocals, compositions and overall sonic charm in Mexico. Look for the sensitivity in “Katy” (about pregnancy), “Ferry 3” (about loneliness) or “Papalote en un Arbol” (about images and life itself). – Jean-Stephane Beriot
MP3: "Asi de Simple"
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This is my second favorite album at Delhotel just after Los Gandharvas; I don’t know much about this guy but I know he’s the person behind Noche Pasta and that he can work wonders with pop. It’s weird, but he sounds like a cat, and I’m saying that in the nicest way possible, it’s just very vague, nocturnal and fascinatingly agile. He can get all wild to defend his country with “Down Mexico”, or be the nicest face for a breakup in “Gary Ew Ew” (the intro screams here kill me!) – Jean-Stephane Beriot
MP3: “Down Mexico”
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We have included them in two of our compilations; they gather all the clichés in Mexican rock and manufacture the most honest adolescent poprock there is. It’s very easy to fall in love with these guys; they distance themselves from any kind of complicated tissue and are not afraid of injecting corny music and words into the scene, for us Teleradio Donoso fans, check out “En Esta Melodia” and “Nuestro Amor” (that “Nena como tarda nuestro amor” line is priceless) – Carlos Reyes
MP3: “Nuestro Amor”
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This is probably Delhotel’s most underserved overlooked release, Club Comfort seems to be one of the most respected acts by fellow bands but Brujita Pop has been sleeping for way too long. There’s nothing really new here, we’ve been here before, but it doesn’t matter, Roberto ‘Mr. Racoon’ Polo has plenty of talent to divide himself into, this is his most electronic moment (+ he's in good company); get lost in the grooves of “Acuestate” or revive the 90’s with “Chicas Corazon.” – Carlos Reyes
MP3: "Groove Mates"
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Their second release Garage might not be too exciting, but their debut was a truly notable breakthrough. Los Emigrantes got a lot of attention in the U.S. as well, they got enough potential to get a record deal and spread their music around. Don’t forget to download their party starters “Dentro de Mi Cuerpo” and “El Motivo”, they’re like motivational songs to get you to jump into the dance floor. – Jean-Stephane Beriot
MP3: "Arma Secreta"
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Probably the most popular album on the entire catalog, “Sin Enganche” is the biggest hit to come out of it, they’re responsible for bringing a bunch of visitors to the site. The venture adds vibes of nu-jazz, and before you know it, the enchantment settles down to recognize one of the factual premise acts not only of urban music, but alternative fields as well. – Carlos Reyes
MP3: “Sin Enganche”
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