"Rara", Erik Couts

If you follow my tweets, you know I was out of town (main cause for the lack of content on the weekend), but on my way back to Phoenix with my iPod on shuffle I realized how much I like “Rara” by Erik Couts, you’ve heard Ximena Sariñana’s “Sintiendo Rara” and it’s a great cover indeed, but Mr. Couts shy and distant vocals really embrace the song’s situational disorder on self-awareness. This is the main cut from Cout’s Pampero EP (produced by Bajofondo’s Juan Campodonico), so make sure to get it since it’s got 4 other great tracks to discover.

♫♫♫ "Rara"

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  1. Great music indeed. but you make a little mistake, the EP was not produced by Campodonico (who financed and release the record under his virtual label bo tracks) but by Andres Torron, as it says on the myspace text.
    the ep is avalible for free, at rapidshare