Video: "Bañadores", Extraperlo

The first video from Extraperlo, whose debut release Desayuno Continental gets a whole lot better during the summer. I was hoping to see a video for their first single "Las Palmeras del Amor", but they decide to give "Bañadores" a chance and I must say, this is my second favorite video of the year, just after Alexico's bloody and religiously codified video for "Mis amigos y yo te amamos." I love the non-linear narrative of the video, the bleak sensitivity from director Oriol Barbera and specially the video's ability to defy time and age. All that plus, doesn't it look great particularly in this site? We kinda have that look & feel.


  1. Hi, I'm Oriol Barberà, the director of the video, thanks for the great comment on our work. If you feel like watching it, check out this link is the video i posted with the real image colour. The one that you've seen has a few color problems due to the uploading compression. Congratulations for your great web.

  2. the song doesn't kill me (the voice, mainly)...

    but the video is really moving & gorgeous!