Video: "Cama de Clavos", Teleradio Donoso

Need a distraction from this recession? Well, I’ve been saying Teleradio Donoso’s Bailar y Llorar is THE album to find such escapism, I can’t stress enough how brilliant their album is. Yes, it did come out on 2008 but it really had one of the sloppiest releases we’ve ever witness, and so the album never really settled a proper release until the end of 2008, when we finally had a chance to hear it, and so we’re cheating a little bit considering it a 2009 album. “Cama de Clavos” is a song about a certain fetishist, I mean, a dance style, which has been getting thousands of plays on our playlist. It's the album's fourth single following the catchy teenage-in-love “Amar En El Campo”, the year’s anthem “Bailar y Llorar”, and the nostalgically brilliant “Eramos Todos Felices.” The video is directed by Alex Anwandter and Diego Adrian, once again, making these 3 guys look like true pop stars.