... about leaving MAP

This is a special announcement to thank all the people at MAP (Music Alliance Pact) for making us part of such cool project. It was a nice experience, a lot more substantial than people would think; the discussions behind this group are as interesting as those of the United Nations. We made friendships with many blogs, especially La Pagina de la Nadadora (Spain), Super 45 (Chile) and Zona Indie (Argentina). Sadly, we don’t feel comfortable representing Mexico anymore, it was fun to fill that gap for a while but it is the right moment to pass it on. We’re huge fans of PanameriKa and the people at MAP do too, so they’ll take over from now on. August will be the last month with Club Fonograma as Mexico’s representative and it’s coming up on a few days, here is a roundup of our choices.

February: Natalia Lafourcade. “Azul” Hu Hu Hu
March: Juan Son. “Mermaid Sashimi” Mermaid Sashimi
April: Mexican Institute of Sound. “Reventon” Soy Sauce
May: Mr. Racoon. “Ferry 3” Katy
June: Los Amparito. “Por Medio de la Lectura”
July: Hello Seahorse! “Universo 2” Bestia
August: Selma Oxor "Abrazame Demonio" Selma Oxor