Track Review: "Loba", Shakira

Sony Music Entertainment
Album: She Wolf
Rating: 7.4

(9.7) Andrew Casillas. I've been wrong all of these years. Time after time, I would explain to my gringo friends how Shakira was our Prince. Turns out, she's our Michael Jackson. I mean, get over the polarizing vocals, and the sexy hip shaking, and "Loba" is basically straight out of Off the Wall! The beat doesn't gyrate, as much as it thumps, and the whole track rides the subtle bass funk to the point of saturation. There's also that vague sense of fun/paranoia that MJ was absolutely the best at undertaking, at least until you're forced out onto the dance floor. And with the Spanish version, there's the deft, yet important, double meaning of the title, unlike the English versions bland implications. Also, it has DISCO STRINGS, PEOPLE. Awoooo!

(7.0) Carlos Reyes. Shakira claims “Loba” characterizes the woman of this century when it doesn’t, there was a sexual revolution already. Despite the very ambitious and quite forced theme, she does exorcism the animal inside her in a very seductive, brushed-steel gleaming pop song. It’s kind of hard to shamelessly soak the lyrics considering Jorge Drexler is the co-author of the song, but it’s the only way to find it fully compelling. It does sound great; it’s well sequenced (“mirala caminar, caminarrrrr”), subliminally humorous and its mid-night outburst is appreciated. Awoooo!

(6.7) Jean-Stephane Beriot. I’m pretty sure I prefer “La Tortura”, seriously, it was great to see our popstar (likeit or not) messing daringly with the reggaeton beat. I’m one of those who thinks her music is way ahead of the average top40 artist; Fijacion Oral Vol.1 was quite fantastic. “Loba” is not nearly as interesting as its awesome and very flexible video; still, it makes me move in strange ways and proves how great of an entertainer she really is. I just wish her music would take the risk of her hips and I’m afraid Pharrell won’t help. Awoooo!

(6.0) Juan Manuel Torreblanca. It’s a super-production, sure; this is the LatAm queen of pop. However, there is also something called over-production & I believe this one might suffer a bit from that. The beginning reminds me of Madonna’s intro for music. The lyrics swing shamelessly from naïve to pretentious (she does have the self assurance to deliver them as dead serious as her dance moves in the video, though) so –in the end– I don’t know if she’s laughing with us or we’re laughing at her. And that wee howl! haha… Awoooo!


  1. Cómo es que Shakira está aqui...? Aun no lo entiendo muy bien... is it because english is my second lengua=?

  2. El Club despertó!!!

    Yo le pongo 5.1, pero seguro que después de oirla 10 mil veces más en la radio, la TV y en la disco, le pondré 7.0 XD

  3. Por qué todo dicen Awooooo!!! al final??? Son unos cuates bien sincronizados!!

  4. wait, jorge drexler, what?? it's an ok track... the 70's disco beat is enough to make your head nod and it is right on trend(mgmt, AC's merriweather, etc). The melody isn't very memorable, i think. the (spanish) lyric is expectantly witty, filled with great imageries and still very much explores shaki's favorite theme of gender politics, though out of her excellent repertoire of lyrics this is not her best. the sexiness (howl, heavy breathing, the video) is quite forced, it's comical (maybe that's the intention). In my view, you still see a very conscious musician and writer shakira is. I'm excited to hear the track with calle 13. so a 6.325. awuu!!

  5. I dig the chimpmunk-ish voice thingie... sounds rad.
    Awoooo........!? (sorry, I wanted to do that too heh)

  6. Shakira's song "Loba" was released after the eiligibility dateline of
    June 30th. It is unfortunate that
    LARAS has included the song in the prenomination ballot as it is unfair
    for other members/songs participating.

  7. except that it WAS released during the eligibility period

    it's been out since June 27th

  8. It is true it was heard on the radio in June 27th, but according to Laras , the song has to be "commercially"
    available (to buy) before June 30th, and song Loba was not; I checked ITunes and stores (including the music website for Sony Netherlands--where the song was released) and was not available by the eligibility date.
    Therefore, I believe they included Shakira's song because Laras wants her to participate in the upcoming event.


  10. I left 2 links for you Carlos.
    Also if you have time go and check Facebook, go to a blog Latin Grammy Unnoficial and Latin Grammy's and you will see a disaster waiting to happen!

  11. ahhh, I get what you're saying, yeah, I have no clue if it was released commercially on the 27th...

  12. I loved your blog. Thank you.