"Datos Intimos", She's a Tease (Disco Ruido Club Mix)

The buzz for Disco Ruido! keeps on rolling, "Mrs. Love" was probably the first pre-summer hit of the year, by the time Vive Latino arrived it was already a louded crowd-favorite. There's an EP around the web but I'm pretty sure it's unofficial. Our friends from 8106 have an exclusive download for a brand new remix they made for She's a Tease, a band from Monterrey we don't know much about except that we remember them with a totally different sound, we like the new redefined and up-beat vision so much more. "Datos Intimos" is one of the standout tracks from the recently reviewed Happy-Fi Coyote Nights compilation and it's part of their upcoming first LP titled Millonaria. Download the original track + El Cuarto's "Minimal" over @ 8106

♫♫♫ "Datos Intimos" (Disco Ruido Club Mix) [right click, save as]