Featured: "Adeus Feijóo", Emilio José

Emilio José has joined that group of names we don’t hesitate to talk about on a daily basis, that group that includes the acts behind ‘El Ruidoson’ (Maria y José, Los Amparito, Los Macuanos), Valentina Fel and Rita Indiana y Los Misterios, at this point the most exciting fresh sounds of the year. Emilio keeps releasing brilliant songs and expect many more to come, this is the first release post-Chorando Aprendese and as political as “Barack Obama.” This new song is titled “Adeus Feijóo” and is a fictitious suicide of Galicia’s current president Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, a moment of fantasized hysteria and celebration a la Death of a President (Gabriel Range, 2006).

Much of Chorando Aprendese stands on political ground but never as acidly rich and pleasurable as in “Adeus Feijóo.” Of course, don’t expect a linear narrative and don’t try to put an order to his songs. The entrance is brilliantly cynical, a celebration, “todo mundo a bailar”, transitions to the news of the President’s suicide who apparently jumped from a building, it follows the obvious chaos after the loss while our character has to be taken to the hospital “sangrando de felicidad.”

♫♫♫ "Adeus Feijóo"