Track Review: "She's My Man", Bigott

BIGOTT - "She's My Man"

Grabaciones en el Mar
Album: Fin
Rating: 8.2

(8.1) Andrew Casillas. What we have here appears to be the long-lost Lou Reed single produced by Tom Waits in a villa outside of Saint-Denis. My personal highlight of Fin, the track is a love song in the most unusual sense. The "shimmy, shimmy" refrain suggests a sort of playfulness, while many of the lyrics ("She is my man, and my dog forever") implies domination, like the tale of two lovers stuck between civility and sexual carnage. A little biting, a little whimsical, a little (dare I say) erotic, "She is my Man" is a slinky tale of modern love.

(8.4) Carlos Reyes.“She’s My Man” is the evocative folky first single from Bigott’s outstanding Fin; it is also an unusual love letter of full meaning and implications. It’s barely two minutes and a half and yet is able to underline a meaningful line of adjectives one is able to put on the table for the one special individual rocking our world. Beautiful patterns, strings, and let’s not forget about those echoed reverbs that come and go as if they collapsed with walls. Not as breathtaking as “Algora Campeon” but it’s the second piece that gives me shivers (in the best way possible).

(8.6) Jean-Stephane Beriot. Bigott does Iron & Wine in one of the many great pieces from his latest album. This is his best moment since “Vamos a Morir” (from What a Lovely Day Today), from its first strings to its female vocal complementation “She’s My Man” triumphs in its quest of showcasing love at its highest realm: sacrifice. Ladies, he is not telling you to be his dog, he’s ready to let all these things go for the love. It might sound too American, but who cares?

(7.5) Juan Manuel Torreblanca. A comment found in a blog that featured this song reads: qué simpática y qué agradable de escuchar, verdad? I believe it sums the brilliant ditty spot on. ‘She's my man’ can’t be judged under the same lights our last two tracks were, mainly ‘cause the intentions of this insanely moustached Spaniard seem radically different. Bigott nods to the revival of Americana folk-rock with a fresh feeling (and electronic hints). His lyrics follow the less is more principle (the whole songwriting does) and a surreal breeze reminds us that this guy isn’t trying to be the queen of pop nor an epic rockstar, he’s probably just trying to make good music & have fun.

"She's My Man"