Random Notepads...

We don't usually do this, but there's so many things going on we want you to know about, so think of this as random notepads.
  • Official Twitter! follow us twitter.com/clubfonograma
  • As we get older, the time to keep this blog updated shrinks.
  • College is silentely consuming us, but we will make it!
  • "Bestia" (Julieta Venegas remix) is officially the most downloaded track at this blog, ever.
  • There's about 300 albums on 'pending' status, it will take weeks to really filter the goodies and attempt to review some stuff.
  • Mi Abuela Es Jazzista Fanzine #1 is pretty awesome. Link
  • Being unemployed for so long isn’t as interesting as I thought it would be.
  • About God, Que si existe que si no existe.
  • Emilio Jose says "Merequeteke" by Capullo is the song of the summer and he's totally right
  • Facebook pages are so boring, but become a fan anyway!
  • Indie 103.1's Sala de Espera is playing cool music, many from our compilations!
  • The Latin Grammy entry list is interesting, depressing and wild.
  • We're doing track reviews!