Video: Old Family Photo Album, Volumina

I believe this is the first video Volumina has ever released, and it’s beautiful. It reminds me of a quite wonderful little Mexican film called Año Uña (The Year of the Nail) by Jonas Cuaron (Alfonso’s son) which is made entirely by photographs that were given an order to tell its story. “Old Family Photo Album” is sweet and slow-paced, almost a clause of holiday commemoration in the best way possible, with the family of course. Benjamin Z is the mind of this project and also a member of Antoine Reverb; This Is Our Home, Please Come In captures the current sound of the scene in Guadalajara and unlike most of the acts from that city that release their works through Happy Garlic, Volumina’s album was released entirely free under the Canadian net label Peppermill Records, make sure to get it.

♫♫♫ "Old Family Photo Album" (right click, save target as)