Featured: "No Conectado", Capullo

Capullo is a fresh exciting new act from Aguascalientes, Mexico. The first thing that popped in my mind when I heard Capullo is that their vocals sound just like jj (n° 2) and to a lesser extend Micachu (and the Shapes). They also endorse youth through blissful catchy songs with unmeasured consequence. Perhaps a bit too adolescent for many of you to swallow, but it’s a bright vision in development. Ultimately, it’s irresistible not to smile to a song like “No Conectado”, which they kindly send us for you to download and which is like the conscious generational implantation of “Amor Por Internet” by Los Socios del Ritmo.

“Ya no puedo más con esta soledad, esta soledad tan digital.” They don’t sound far away from La Factoria, but those guys wish they had so much personality and niche as Capullo does. This is after all popular music with juicy reggaeton beats and techno, here is a band with huge potential to actually sell music. They don’t mind singing about nicks and emoticons as silly as they may sound, and they even dare to style something as odd as “Merequeteke.” Can they get cooler than that? Yes, they’re WordArt lovers!