Featured: "La Hora de Volve", Rita Indiana y Los Misterios

Get ready for this one; it’s probably my second favorite song of the year and that’s after about 100 continuous spins I’ve given the track since I got it. At this point the debut release of Rita Indiana y Los Misterios anticipates the start of an extraordinary act, instantly infectious and fantastically contextual to the Dominican Republic and its worldview. “La Hora de Volve” articulates a border-crossing spirit that impatiently waits to come back to its place of origin; sonically it’s audacious and weaves its drums with its futuristic synthesized keys. Even with such complex structure, the track is surprisingly accessible; it’s the story of almost any immigrant that starts packaging its return the second day he/she arrives to its new surroundings.

For those of us who are immigrants or are around them (particularly if they’re older), you’ve seen them keep things for when they go back, taking the most insignificant thing because they know it would make someone back home happy. It discusses the deceptive dream/myth as a form of dance, “cuando puede estar bailando algo mejor”, and it does it in an authentic shout that doesn’t fall into over-sentimental rooted music. Instead, it works its narrative with a sense of humor, letting the music debate the drama on its own. “Te llego la hora de volve, todos vuelven a la tierra en que nacieron, al embrujo inconfundible de su sol, y quien quiere estar comiendo mierda de hielo cuando puede estar bailando algo mejor.”

♫♫♫ "La Hora de Volve"