Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - "Jardinera"

Pretty much by now you can tell we’re heads over heels for Rita Indiana y Los Misterios; it’s such a huge statement but it’s the best contemporary act to come out of la Republica Dominicana and we’re here to witness it! It’s still pretty hard to put a tag on their music, some say it’s Merengue Alternativo while one of my friends from Slant Magazine says it’s “Latin America’s funky answer to Animal Collective” (What? Wait, Maybe?) I feel it’s more of vernacular music sliced up by a scope of unprecedented pop. This is dance music, roots music, pop, folk, everything pointing to a contextual direction which I’m guessing comes from Rita’s brilliant works as a novelist. I particularly find literal links to her music in her first novel titled La Estrategia de Chochueca, which believe me, it's going cult and it’s sublime. These songs are really an extension of her poetry, but most importantly, they sound great.

And yes, we got another song for you. “Jardinera” is about seeds and rights, about the joy of this practice in all kinds of connotations; the song is a chant for campesino support, and also an arousing sexual piece that reminded us of Andrea Echeverri, perhaps even more pedestrian in its sensitivity towards sexual choice and motherhood. Remember to download some other songs featured on our Fonogramaticos Vol.3 (“La Sofi”), Fonogramaticos Vol.4 (“El Blu del Ping Pong”) and you should not forget “La Hora de Volve” which again, it’s one of the greatest songs I've heard in a while.