"Novia de Soldado", Pilar Diaz (Frank Leopold Remix)

“Para mi amor y para mi, para mi nombre y mi país, para los hijos de todos aquí, para los hijos verlos reír.” That’s one of the lines from “Novia de Soldado” by Pilar Diaz, who delivers more than a few splendid timeless lines in her impressive self-titled debut album. Here is a remix by L.A.’s Frank Leopold who injects insulin to an evocative track about the return of a soldier, or any kind of warrior, astronauts and immigrants included. Also, make sure to check out two clips Mariah Garnett crafted for Pilar’s live shows, for the songs “Ilegal En Style” and “Tu y Yo”, the former an ecstasy of nature-meets-shapes and the latter a choreographed collage of various telenovelas.