Video: "Mermaid Sashimi", Juan Son

Juan Son’s terrific first solo album finally releases a video for its second single “Mermaid Sashimi”, I’m not impressed. It's not as round and hypnotizing as the video for “Nada” but notorious director ‘Chiva’ adds another title to his already impressive resume which includes Los Bunkers, Belanova, El Otro Yo and Quiero Club. The video unleashes the dark humor of its title, over the top as it should be, but fails to be rhythmic. It was fun to see his MTV spots but "Mermaid Sashimi" needs more blood on it, it would've made it more mythical an less photographic, sometimes it’s just plain ridiculous and tortures the song instead of the mermaid, too many interlinear plots, etc. etc. It has a fantastic cinematography and art direction, but the look is too shiny for such an edgy song, needs bleakness. Everything gets better towards the end and although it doesn’t fully convince me it’s always great to see Juan Son’s mis-en-scene talents and his weird/confused facial expressions.
He kinda looks like Mike Myers in The Cat in the Hat.