Desnuditos EP, Elaine

The Poni Republic, Venezuela
Rating: 79
By Carlos Reyes

Out of the several distinguished acts coming out of Venezuela we had yet to find a good dose of rock and roll, for those of us who can't seem to understand why something as Caramelos de Cianuro carries the flag of Venezuelan rock, Elaine’s Desnuditos EP should do us well (by reaffirmind we're right to be skeptical) . Elaine is a three member band formed by Sherezade Ortiz, Lya Reis and IL Gimon, pretty awesome real names for a band that according to their MySpace is “too danceable to be punk, and too noisy to be danceable.” Elaine shows it’s okay to work on extremes and even encouraged, Elaine sounds raw and determined to beat any blocking beat on their way, and they do it through female vocal extravaganza and a very solid musical accompaniment.

“We are done, is this my turn to hurt you?” or how about “I really really want you to die”, okay, not the most appropriate phrases to put on record, but punk is not about that. They’re not only speaking out loud, they’re spitting truthful thoughts in the opening track “Over It (Not)”, a bouncy dazzling piece loaded on noise compulsion a lo Dananananaykroyd and Pretty Girls Make Graves. It’s great that just like its title, it resolves itself with immediate thought. “Yes Louis” works on a high scale of icy rock, and they do it without any regards, caring only about the moment, and delivering great bursting dance tunes at the same time.

“Like It Naked” closes the three-pieced show very nicely, it’s voluptuous and unaware of gravitational boundaries. The way it rolls in layers, eventually verging in tremendous galloping noise, adding some masculinity to the overall concept. It’s been good year for punk, it helps that the bands embracing it are living their youth, from Nene Records to the Poni Republic, it's a fest of attitude and no longer a rebellious device. With less than 8 minutes of running time, it would be too much of a stretch to give it a higher rating, but so far so good, they’re releasing a full album by the end of the year, Desnuditos EP is a wonderful entrée.

♫♫♫ "Yes Louis" (right click, save as)
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