Featured: The Mocks - "Flaunt"

This is the first time we write about The Mocks, a ‘shining bright’ pop act from Monterrey whose M is Correct EP brought them nothing but positive feedback from fellow bloggers and general media alike. We ourselves had nothing but good things to say about singer Ely Mock’s collaborations with Los Re# and Mercey Hot Springs. They have announced an upcoming release titled Shock and NO!, which will be available to download at Delhotel Records in a couple of weeks. We Shall Be Free advanced some tracks for streaming; “Flaunt” was love at first sight and so it enters our features.

You know we drool over pop stardom songs especially if they make their characters look like gigantic powerful creatures, “Flaunt” delivers such conditions with shamelessly wisdom. “Get ready to go outside, the stars tonight are shining bright, remember you promised us the greatest show of our lives.” What a disconcerting way to motivate a popstar before a show. It idolizes a character and in a way it radicalizes the pop genre while embracing every single posture of its emblematic grace.

♫♫♫ "Flaunt"