Video: "Yo Digo Baila", Mexican Institute of Sound

New video from the Mexican Institute of Sound, “Yo Digo Baila” is the worldly infectious second (or third?) single from Soy Suace. “Yo Digo Baila” is a club-banger with a Banda layer on the background and its encounter with the electronic gene; on the surface, a negotiation and compromise between the two genres and the call-response Spanglish interaction of its chorus. (Read my review here). The video was directed by my second favorite contemporary Mexican director Fernando Eimbcke (Temporada de Patos, Lake Tahoe) and Alejandro Cantu, one of our finest cinematographers whose great works can be appreciated in the films of the also amazing filmmakers Julian Hernandez and Ivan Avila Duenas. These guys love to work with black and white, and it’s great to see them scoping something as thrilled as “Yo Digo Baila”, they’re great at capturing motion as well as Camilo Lara’s utterly weird static dance moves. There's also a video for "Alocatel", you can watch that one here.