Enjambre - "Sonámbulo "

Here is another awesome free download we found at Reactor’s Zona de Descargas, from one of our favorite rock bands. You know we’re perhaps too strict with rock but it’s only because we really like it. The guys from Enjambre sure know how to carry a concept, bringing back vintage kinetic rock in the most particular way, interpreting their songs through the sensitivity of their parent’s youth. I might be totally off, but they sound like the early Grupero conjuntos, they’re wearing thicker clothing but the devastating lyrics and bleak nostalgia as envisioned by its particular vocals and instrumentation proves its reminiscence to another decade.

El Segundo es Felino, released last year, it’s fantastic and I would place them up there with Bam Bam and En Ventura as one of the most exciting up and coming rock acts to keep an eye on. They had an awesome moment at this year’s Vive Latino where they invited Hello Seahorse’s Lo Blondo to perform a song with them, seems like they’re collaborating at the studio as well. While we wait for that collaboration and a new album, they’re freeing the unreleased track “Sonámbulo” which is reason enough to keep the excitement going.

NOTE: Seems like Reactor's website is down, this is a temporary link to download the mp3.
Download @ Reactor