Rosal - "En Circulos"

La Casa de la Noche hits Argentina’s store shelves this month, this is the follow up to Rosal’s very impressive album Su Majestad, you might remember “Interruptor” and its funky crappy video. Rosal is one of the many bands that got a big push from the now gone blog Lavate Las Orejas, which was a RockEnEspañol music blog that served as both a reference of Latin America’s diversified industries and as a download site, as one would expect, they were thrown out of the web, fragmenting a very interesting vein of bands that since then have struggled to showcase their albums outside their native lands.

Rosal is leaded by Maria Ezquiaga, who was part of the awesome project of Varias Artistas, an all-girl congregation of singers that included Miranda’s Juliana Gattas and Javiera Mena. Here is the first leading single titled “En Circulos”, it definitely makes us hungry for more, (it kind of sounds like St. Vincent ... a little bit), the album also includes a collaboration with the amazing Lisandro Aristimuño who is also working on a new production, great times ahead!