Video: "Peces", Francisca Valenzuela

It really took me a while to figure out Francisca Valenzuela, her unmeasured melodies are not easy to swallow at all. It might be that Muerdete La Lengua feels like a sophomore album, there’s just too much melodrama around it with no previous induction that it’s almost impossible not to feel disoriented. She’s one of those singers hard to picture on a record, but those live shows display nothing but a bold furious pop at the palm of her hands, not to mention her gifted voice. This mind sound odd but once I began to like her once I learned to recognize her as a rocker instead of the picture-perfect balladeer her videos and image depict.

Honestly, some of her songs are still pretty frightening, she’s heart-punching the male gender as much as Paquita la Del Barrio, it’s intimidating. She can be a monster with girls too, “Peces” in particular defragments anything on its way to show its anger and lament, in a black widow kind of way. I’m not sure how much I like the video, it's like Target commercial with less red and fewer circles (but again, I’m very pick with music videos), it does have a splendid art direction and wardrobe, plus, she keeps it elegant and sexy.