Video: Manos de Topo - "Logico Que Salga Mal"

“There’s too many sad people in the world, that’s why I sing this way.” That’s Miguel Angel Blanca, Mano de Topo’s vocalist explaining the reasoning behind his particular vocal execution. The band will hardly ever sound ordinary, only time will measure how much of an exotic incitement this is; in the meantime, they sound pretty great. They are finally releasing a video for “Logico Que Salga Mal”, the first cut from El Primero Era Mejor. Director Kike Maillo is back after directing two awesome videos for “Es Feo” (a current hit in Mexico) and “El Cartero”, needless to say he understands their emblematic amplification of drama, misery and humor. It’s a great video; plenty of fragmentation/repetition going on parallel to the song’s sequencing and aware of spectatorship in terms of a widescreen YouTube-based audience.