Es Imposible, Miranda!

EMI Music, Argentina
Rating: 69
By Carlos Reyes

Miranda! along with Moderatto are the trickiest pop acts to analyze because in addition to their music they’re also selling image. Purists mind the costumes, the high notes and especially the unashamed usage of their influences. Transcendentalists in the other hand completely fail to acknowledge them, but I do wonder how they can even overlook a pop-culture hit as “Don” which has surpassed a stage of popularity and is now in the hands of marketing campaigns looking for a catchy weird song for their weird consumers. Es Imposible is Miranda!'s fifth studio album and although not too long in the market, it's their most overlooked release yet.

Miranda! doesn’t need to redefine anything, they would lose their effortless catchiness; they do however, for the first time in their career sound like an actual band. They have made a risky move by incorporating drums, having to accommodate their effective structure in more ways than they have probably wished for, it’s a relief to find them as irrelevantly romantic as two albums ago. And for those looking for their funky warming songs you’ll have enough with “El Showcito.” In fact, it was a bad move not to make it the first single considering it’s a fantastic moment of clever sensual autonomy while questioning God’s existence while they’re at it.

First single “Mentia” goes back to the overall theme of their debut 2002 album Es Mentira (hence the title), they’ve proven to know how to deal with love, this is their chance to exploit a jealousy breakup and they do it nicely. “Lo que siento por ti” is very Beatles-like with Juliana Gattas elevating the song to uncommon places. Something other tracks should learn from, because one can’t help but to get that feeling of ‘been there, done that’, and it’s not a matter of sound but lack of modularity and variability in the actual songs. Es Imposible could’ve stayed on the oven for a bit longer, either way these guys are fun as hell and like Moderatto or Belanova it’s a pleasure to count on them for radio airplay and conversation subject.