Featured: Los Romanticos de Zacatecas - "Nuestro Amor"

So, we have written about Los Romanticos de Zacatecas how many times? Well, we felt it was necessary to add them into our features considering they are a house favorite. Their self-titled debut EP has been out for a while, but very few got a chance to know them last year, they have expanded their popularity this year in particular because of the amazingly catchy “Nada Puedo Hacer”, a hit in the works already highly demanded on radio stations like Reactor (Mexico City) and Indie 103.1 (Los Angeles). You can find two of their songs in our compilations, but let’s not forget about “Nuestro Amor”, the first single that has been overlooked but shouldn’t. As I look back into their album, they have classified their EP’s genre as ‘Masculino’, damn funny! They also tell us they’re about to go in the studio to record a new album, can’t wait.