Random Double Feature: Os Gru Remix Emilio José + Da Kezo does Cri Cri

This post is very random because the two songs here are exactly that, random. They wouldn’t exactly fit anywhere else but I wanted to share them because they’re quite good and dislocate my senses in weird ways. First, Os Gru left us this remix at our MySpace with the most intriguing question: A vosotros los del club, os mola bailar, verdad? Pues os dejamos por aquí nuestro last mix. Of course que nos mola bailar, and especially if we know the song, and oh we really know this one. Is a burnished mix for Emilio Jose’s “Adeus, Feijoo”, which was already a great dance tune, and celebration of a fictitious death.

♫♫♫ "Adeus Feijoo" (Os Gru Mix) [right click, save as]

The second song comes from Da Kezo, one of the several projects by Mutantek who is also part of Children of the Moon and whose song “Peter Pan” is part of our Fonogramaticos Vol.3 compilation. Da Kezo is a very weird merge of electronic music with children’s music. It’s very interesting; you’ll hear Cri Cri in there and some hardcore rock band jumping back and forth. I can already imagine my grandparents and a couple of friends not liking this, I think it’s playful.

♫♫♫ "Matatetete" (right click, save as)